Your new pet warranties against contagious diseases for 14 days from date of purchase. Should your pet become ill during this period, please contact our Veterinarian Dr. J. Bemben at Beltway Animal Hospital. Arrangements have been made with this Veterinarian to treat covered illnesses at no expense to you. You must contact the store within 2 days of a Veterinarian's determination of illness to discuss your options.

1 Year Extended Warranty
Your new pet is warranted against certain hereditary and congenital defects that severely affect the pet's ability to lead a normal life. Upon diagnosis of a serious hereditary or congenital defect, you must notify the store within 2 days to discuss your options.

Other Terms and Conditions
Our pets are sold as pet quality, meaning they are not sold for breeding or showing purposes. No claims can be made under this warranty for your new pet's inability to be shown or bred. We do not offer cash refunds or reimbursement for veterinary fees that have not been approved through consultation with our store and our Veterinarian.

*IMPORTANT* To validate this warranty your new pet must be examined by a Veterinarian within 3 working days from date of purchase. Dr. J. Bemben of Beltway Animal Hospital located at 5403 Firestone Road, phone (904) 771-6968 is able to do this at no extra charge.


About our Vets

Dr's Jane and June Bemben are twin sisters and owners of Beltway Animal Hospital. Both sisters started at Beltway as their first job out of Veterinary School. Originally born in Miami, Florida they lived there with their 3 older brothers and sister until they were 9 years old, then the family moved to Ft. Myers. As young girls, they often cared for stray
animals including their pet dog "Snoopy".

In 1987 Dr's Jane and June graduated high school and together got accepted into the University of Florida. Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, both sisters were accepted into the University of Florida Veterinary School.

After veterinary school, the Doctors moved to Jacksonville, Florida and started their careers at Beltway Animal Hospital. In May of 2005, they purchased the hospital along with their friend and Practice Manager Michael Suggs. The Doctors love to come to work everyday and being able to work together. For more information you can visit them on the web at http://www.beltwayanimalhospital.


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